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As you may have already read, we specialize in accounting and taxation, some of our offerings…

Business Structuring & Registrations

We can advise you on the most effective structure for your new…

Management Rights Specialists

It’s a spiel that is bandied about a lot, but it really is important to have an…

New Zealand Taxation Service

If you’re an expat Kiwi living in Australia who still has financial interests in…

Tax Planning and Advice

Taxation is not all about knowing what you owe, or are getting back after the financial year has ended. A real accounting firm will be on the phone to you before the financial year end to discuss how the year has gone so far, and how the impending tax situation can be improved.

This is commonly referred to as ‘tax planning’. It can be as simple as a self-employed person making a concessional superannuation contribution (deduction) prior to 30 June. The other end of the scale is the preparation of a tax planning report (for as little as $200), in which we analyze your trading to date (usually between March and very early June), and provide you with a report that provides a number of strategies that can be implemented prior to 30 June, to improve the impending tax situation.

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